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Nano mould release coating
Nano Mould Release®  Coating
Inspiring Creativity and Excellence In Science
Nano mould release is a mold release micro coating formulated with higly refined methods incorporating the use of nanotechnology. Its system of delivery and the coating itself bears testimony of how far technology has taken us today.

Nano mould release comes in a full range of products with design-based delivery systems and applications. Because of this range, Nano mould release has enormous flexibility and versitility in designed application methods. Intricate mold designs can now be incorporated.

Nano scale mold release coating
Nano mould release, with a specially designed form of hybrid material as its base, is a surface coating so fine, you have to see it under very high magnification. At between 100 nm (0.0001mm) to 200nm (0.0002mm) in thickness, this coating has hydrophobic (water repelling) anti stick ,anti static and anti corossion properties with an extremely low-friction coefficient.
Dry Releasing Properties
It reduces surface pressure, repels UV, is non-toxic, is translucent and colorless, transmigrates at an undectible rate. Its low surface energy and chemical non-reactivity provides excellent dry anti-sticking properties. Its also does not contribute to the production of unwanted chemical byproducts called mold fouling.
Faster Releasing Rates
Nano mould release, be it in the Plastics or Rubber Parts Fabrication Industry, increases releasing rates by 30% to 50%. It greatly reduces the need to use traditional mold release products. These require much time and labor in application and machine/tool maintenance.
Mold Release Agent Replacement
Depending on the mold design and the materials used, Nano mould release has even eradicated the use of traditional mold release products. Longer uninterrupted production time with fewer mold release stoppages and shorter maintenance periods in production cycles equal higher productivity and reduced costs.

Works At Microscopic Levels
A highly polished, glossy surface may appear to be flawlessly smooth when viewed with the naked eye. However, at a magnification of 20,000 times, gaps and crevices can clearly be seen. Nanomoldrelease fills up all the tiny poring, gaps and crevices on substrate surfaces. It does so with a microscopic mesh-like structure that can withstand a very wide range of temperatures from -50 ~ 450° C & even up to 550° C in our latest Nano diamonds and Nano borons series. The stability of the nano-mesh's cross-linking structure and its adherance to the surface it is applied onto remains intact.
And because of its unique mesh-like structure, Nano mould release inherent flexibility allows it to stretch and contract with the substrate through such ranges in temperature without cracking or peeling. This is achieved by it ability to allow gas to pass through it. Gas accumulation beneath coatings are the common cause of de-lamination that results in peeling.
Dramatic increases in production output, reduced time spent on production and maintenance cycles, higher quality endproducts and a wider range of production capabilities make Nano mould release the ideal choice in the competitive manufacturing industry today.
Nano mould release coating is the effective solution to mold release.

Nano mould release coating
Anti stick demo with epoxy resins

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